Thank YOU and happy trails!

The best part of the past few years has been working with terrific folks like Harrison Ford and Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell. We've also of course, enjoyed working with every single one of you!

We officially say goodbye end of April 2017. That said, we encourage you to use video in all your Social Media Marketing. Technology empowers us all to produce fun and impactful videos with the Television Studios in our pockets. AKA "Smart Phones."

Our personal choice is the iPhone, if you use one, check out the iMovie editing app and learn all you can do, all by yourself, to share video content about all you do. But of today's smart phones have video and editing capabilities. Also check out the app store and search under video editing.

People are looking for you and the services you provide. Video now is the single most powerful tool to help you be found. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just has to tell your story. But if you're not there, you can't be found.

In the future we will be taking on the odd project as schedules allow. So feel free to contact us at: